The documentary “GazaStrophe, the Day After” winner of the IV Ahmed Attia’s award for the Dialogue of Cultures.

 MEDIMED 2010, the Euro-Mediterranean Documentary Market, hosted the ceremony of the “IV Ahmed Attia’s Award for the Dialogue of Cultures”, given to the documentary GAZASTROPHE, THE DAY AFTER directed by Samir Abdalla & Kheredine Mabrouk (ISKRA, France, 2010).The result of the Jury selection was announced on Sunday, 10 at a private ceremony that took place after the end of the pitching sessions. Mr. Mohamed Charbagi, vice-president of APIMED, gave the award to Mr. Pierre Watrin, co-producer at FRANCE Ô, on behalf of all members of the jury.

Courtesy of APIMED, the producer received a 1,000 euros cash prize, awarded for the best documentary pitched in previous editions of MEDIMED. A jury comprised by experienced producers and veteran filmmakers, members of the APIMED Board of Directors, selected the winning film out of 16 nominees: A MAN FROM THE CONGO RIVER (Finland), ABDELKRIM AND THE RIF WAR (France), AFRICA, HISTORY OF A CONTINENT (France), BOOK SMUGGLERS (Ireland), CUCHILLO DE PALO (Spain), ISRAEL VS ISRAEL (Sweden), JANADESH (Spain), JORDI SAVALL AND THE BORGIAS (Spain), MY AVATAR AND ME (Denmark), RECYCLING LIFE (Turkey), SECRET KINGDOM (Israel), SWEETS OF THE ORIENT (Greece),  THE IMPOSSIBLE RIVER JOURNEY (Norway), THE ROAD TO DIYARBEKIR (Norway) and THIEVES BY LAW (Israel).

GAZASTROPHE, THE DAY AFTER, brings back images of Palestine, this country which is more and more becoming metaphorical. The film enters into Gaza as soon as the ceasefire of the last war (December 2008-January 2009) was announced and discovered with our friends from the Palestinian Human Rights Centre, the extent of the “Gaza-Strophe”. In spite of all this, our gazaoui friends offered us poems, songs and even “Nokta”…

The documentary film THE ROAD TO DIYARBEKIR by Zaradasht Ahmed and produced by Geir Netland (Phantom Film, Norway) recieved the Special Mention of the Jury.

The Board of Directors of the Association of Independent Producers of the Mediterranean (APIMED) decided to create this award in order to pay tribute to our dear president and friend, the Tunisian producer Ahmed Attia, who sadly passed away in 2007.


Khaéna Attia, editor, Tunisia

Víctor Carrera, Head of International Relations TVC, Catalonia

Mohamed Charbagi, Producer president of the jury, France

Paule Hérades. Producer, France

Ferdinando Vicentini, Producer, Italy