MEDIMED, the Euro-Mediterranean Documentary Market

MEDIMED takes up the challenge of bringing together the demands of different players involved in the documentary film production: European and Southern Mediterranean independent documentary producers, film makers and broadcasters world wide.

MEDIMED fulfils a series of needs of the audio-visual industry and has proven itself to be one of the most successful marketing strategies in the promotion of Euro-Mediterranean projects and ready made documentaries.

Over the last nine years, we have created new opportunities for European and Southern Mediterranean documentary producers and also to those television stations interested in broadcasting films that draw attention to heighten public awareness of global issues such as: social justice, human rights, freedom of expression, civil liberties and the environmental protection, for example. We have been discovering and developing independent producers who have been combining artistry and issues for powerful storytelling.

In supporting such work, MEDIMED encourages the diverse exchange of ideas crucial to developing open societies, raising public consciousness about the world today and fostering an ongoing dialogue about important issues.

MEDIMED has proven to be very successful for its participants, whether buyer or seller, and an absolutely invaluable source of networking between producers, broadcasters, acquisition executives, distributors, sales agents and other documentary professionals from the European Union and around the world.

MEDIMED is a necessary supplement to the existing big media trade fairs, because:

  • MEDIMED is bringing specific documentary projects and/or productions to the attention of selected professionals [buyers, commissioning editors, distributors, investors] who are most interested to know and see them in order to bring about productive business results;
  • MEDIMED allows producers and their potential clients to meet in a less hectic, more informal and highly efficient atmosphere, more conductive to real business and gain valuable information ranging from production development to actual production and to sales and marketing of new doc productions;
  • MEDIMED offers much better value for money to independent producers who are chronically short of promotional money;
  • MEDIMED is saving time for buyers, distributors and editors who are chronically short of this precious commodity and allows and stimulates essential networking between buyers and sellers and lays the basis for collaboration for years to come.